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The Seagull Shop, a place we've known and loved our entire lives has burned down and we want to rebuild it.  They don't know yet how much money will be needed to rebuild.  They are planning on paying their hard working staff through the end of the Season which is 5 more weeks.  The goal set will pay for the staff's salaries.  If we can raise even more it will go towards rebuilding the structure.   Let's all pitch in for Brooke and the team. Thank you for your support. 


Copy the link below and paste into your browser to go to the donation page.


For those that would like to send a check. 

Please make it out to: The Seagull Shop

Mail it to: Brooke Cotter, The Seagull Shop, 3119 Bristol Road, New Harbor, ME 04554

Thank you for your support.

Seagull Rising Gofundme - Click Here for description and link to web page below

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